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Institute of Nuclear Engineering and Science
Welcome to Institute of Nuclear Engineering and Science

Full-Time Professor

許榮鈞 Rong-Jiun Sheu
Professor and Director

🏠:ESS Building Room 510
☎:03-5715131 ext.42377
Specialty:Radiation Transport Calculations and Applications, Health Physics, Reactor Physics, Medical Physics
Discipline:Monte Carlo Method, Programming Languages, Radiation Shielding, Radiation Safety, Radiation Measurement, Introduction to Nuclear Engineering

梁正宏 Jenq-Horng Liang
Distinguished Professor

🏠:ESS Building Room 512
☎:03-5715131 ext.42668
Specialty:Ion Implantation, Accelerator Analysis
Discipline:Principles of Nuclear Engineering, Principles of Ion Implantation

陳紹文 Shao-Wen Chen
Associate Professor

🏠:LTM Building Room 607
☎:03-5715131 ext.34169
Specialty:Two-Phase Flow Modeling, LWR Safety Analysis
Discipline:Nuclear Power Systems, Nuclear Reactor Engineering, Engineering Mechanics

蔡惠予 Hui-Yu Tsai
Associate Professor

🏠:LTM Building Room 506
☎:03-5715131 ext.34236
Specialty:Medical Physics, CT, Radiation Measurements, Quality assurance in medical exposure
Discipline:Radiological Physics, Diagnostic Radiology Instrumentation, Radiation Detection and Measurement, Medical Physics, Physics Measurements in Diagnostic Imaging Lab, Health Physics

林明緯 Ming-Wei Lin
Assistant Professor

🏠:LTM Building Room 609
☎:03-5715131 ext.35555
Specialty:Ultrafast optics, nonlinear optics, plasma physics and simulations, laser-based particle acceleration, radiation generation/detection
Discipline:Interaction of Radiation with Matter, Engineering Mathematics I, Introduction to Nuclear Engineering, Applied Photonics

Kuan-Che Lan
Assistant Professor

🏠:LTM Building Room 615
☎:03-5715131 ext.35566
Specialty:Mechanical Behavior of Zircaloy and high temperature materials、Corrosion of metallic materials、Microstructure-property correlation of materials、Surface and coating technology for the application of mechanical improvement and corrosion resistant、Cellular automaton (CA) simulation on metallic materials
DisciplineNuclear Engineering and Material Engineering

Full-Time Adjunct Professor

李敏 Min Lee
Distinguished Professor and CNS Dean

🏠:ESS Building Room 518
☎:03-5715131 ext.34316
Specialty:Two-Phase Flow, System Reliability Evaluation
Discipline:Engineering Thermodynamics, Nuclear Power Systems

Yung-Hsien Wu
Distinguished Professor and  ESS Chairman

🏠:ESS Building Room 314
☎:03-5715131 ext.62248
Specialty:SiGe and Ge MOSFET, Memory Process Development
Discipline:Electronics Lab, Introduction to Engineering and System Science, Electronics I

陳金順 Gen-Shun Chen

🏠:ESS Building Room 416
☎:03-5715131 ext.42667
Specialty:Reactor Physics, Neutron Transport
Discipline:Numerical Analysis, Programming Languages

李志浩 Chih-Hao Lee

🏠:ESS Building Room 412
☎:03-5715131 ext.34281
Specialty:Static and dynamics of the physical properties
Discipline:Instrumentation and Measurements, Nuclear Radiation Detection & Measurement Laboratory

張廖貴術 Kuei-Shu Chang-Liao

🏠:ESS Building Room 312
☎:03-5715131 ext.42674
Specialty:Micro-electronic System, Radiation Measurement
Discipline:Semiconductor Devices Physics, Logic Design

葉宗洸 Tsung-Kuang Yeh
Professor and NSTDC Chairman

🏠:ESS Building Room 310
☎:03-5715131 ext.42373
Specialty:Reactor Water Chemistry ,Nuclear Material Corrosion Engineering
Discipline:Water Chemistry Nuclear Power Plant,Nuclear Structural Materials

蕭百沂 Pai-Yi Hsiao

🏠:ESS Building Room 516
☎:(03) 5715131 ext.62247
Specialty:Soft Matter Physics, Molecular Simulation
Discipline:Applied Nuclear Physics、Engineering Mathematics

馮玉明 Yuh-Ming Ferng

🏠:ESS Building Room 317
☎:03-5715131 ext.34289
Specialty:Safety Operation and Maintenance Analysis、Fire Hazard Analysis
Discipline:Engineering Mechanics, Nuclear Power Reactor Safety

吳永俊 Yung-Chun Wu

🏠:LTM Building Room 504
☎:03-5715131 ext 34287
Specialty:Flat-Panel Display Device Physics and Fabrication Technology

葉秩光 Chih-Kuang Yeh
Distinguished Professor

🏠:BMES Building Room 421
☎:03-5715131 ext.34240,80811
Specialty:Ultrasound Image Processing、Biomedical Signal Processing

江啟勳 Chi-Shiun Chiang
Professor and BMES Chairman

🏠:BMES Building Room 620
☎:03-5715131 ext.35581,80819
Specialty:Cancer Therapy, Neuroimmunology, Radiation Therapy

Ching-Han Hsu

🏠:BMES Building Room 416
☎:03-5715131 ext.35562,80815
Specialty:Principle of Medical Imaging, Biomedical Image Processing, Biomedical Signal Processing
Discipline:Biomedical Image Processing, Deep Learning in Biomedical Image Analysis, Biomedical Signals and Systems

俞鐘山 Chung-Shan Yu

🏠:BMES Building Room 617
☎:03-5715131 ext.35582
Specialty:Medicinal Chemistry, Imaging Pharmaceuticals
Discipline:Organic Chemistry, Radiochemistry, Bioconjugated Chemistry

王翔郁 H.Y Wang
Associate Professor

🏠:LTM Building Room 608
☎:03-5715131 ext.34243
Specialty:Renewable Energy, Bioenergy, Microfluidics
Discipline:Introduction to Hydrogen Energy Technology

陳燦耀 Tsan-Yao Chen
Associate Professor

🏠:LTM Building Room 508
☎:03-5715131 ext.34271
Specialty:Nanoscaled Physiochemistry, Surface Science

Discipline:Physical Metallurgy I, Applications of Synchrotron X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy

Shun-Chi Wu
Associate Professor

🏠:LTM Building Room 604
☎:03-5715131 ext.34304
Specialty:Statistical/digital signal processing techniques to the analysis of signals

Discipline:Electric Circuits, Signals and Systems

Part-time Faculty

陳春生 Chun-Sheng Chen

🏠:LTM Building Room 605
specialty:Public  Law,  Science and Technology law
Discipline:Special Topics of Nuclear Law

黃慶村 Ching-Tsung Huang

🏠:LTM Building Room 614
specialty:Nuclear Environmental Protection, Chemical Industry, Energy
Discipline:Management of Backend of Nuclear Fuel Cycle

張似瑮 Szu-Li Chang
Associate Professor

🏠:LTM Building Room 505
specialty:Application of radiation physics、Radiation Dosimetry
Discipline:Radiation Dosimetry

陳詩奎 Shih-Kuei Chen
Associate Professor

🏠:LTM Building Room 614
specialty:Probabilistic Risk Assessment
Discipline:Probabilistic Risk Assessment II

林德福 Der-Fwu Lin
Assistant Professor

🏠:LTM Building Room 605
specialty:Nuclear Energy Operation, Nuclear Energy Decommission, Nuclear Energy Communication
Discipline:Nuclear Power Generation and Decommission Practice


Emeritus Professor

李四海 Shih-Hai Li

🏠:Contact department office
☎:03-5715131 ext.42377
Specialty:Plasma Physics, Controll...
Discipline:Fusion Engineering, Radioactive Waste Engineering...

鄧希平 Shi-Ping Teng

🏠:Contact department office
☎:03-5715131 ext.42670
Specialty:Reactor Physics, Monte...
Discipline:Monte Carlo Method, Engineering Mathematics...

金明明 Ming-Ming King

🏠:Contact department office
☎:03-5715131 ext.42375
Specialty:Nuclear Theory, Nucle...
Discipline:Modern Physics, Probability and Statistics, Applied...

錢景常 Ching-Chang Chieng

🏠:ESS Building Room 419
☎:03-5715131 ext.34309
Specialty:Radiation Shielding...
Discipline:Introduction to Nuclear Engineering, Radiation...

江祥輝 Shiang-Huei Jiang

🏠:ESS Building Room 414
☎:03-5715131 ext.34296
Specialty:Heat Transfer, Engineeri...
Discipline:Fluid Mechanics, Introduction to Micro and Nano-S...

施純寬 Chun-Kuan Shih

🏠:ESS Building Room 203
☎:03-5715131 ext.42371
Specialty:Heat Transfer and Fl...
Discipline:Engineering Mechanics, Nuclear Reactor Engineering...

開執中 Ji-Jung Kai

🏠:ESS Building Room 413
☎:03-5715131 ext.34280
Specialty:Nuclear materials, Rad...
Discipline:Advanced Physical Metallurgy, Special Topics on...

董傳中 Chuan-Jong Tung

🏠:Contact department office
☎:03-5715131 ext.34224
Specialty:Health Physics, Me...
Discipline:Health Physics, The Physics of Radiology...

蔡春鴻 Chuen-Horng Tsai
Distinguished Professor

🏠:ESS Building Room 201
☎:03-5715131 ext.42661
Specialty:Nuclear Materials, Nano...
Discipline:Introduction to Materials Science, Principles of Plasma...

林強 Chaung Lin

🏠:ESS Building Room 315
☎:03-5715131 ext.62246
Specialty:Nuclear Power Plant Fuel...
Discipline:Control System, Electric Circuits, Sign...

周懷樸 Hwai-Pwu Chou

🏠:ESS Building Room 311
☎:03-5715131 ext.42665
Specialty:IC Design, Nuclear Electr...
Discipline:Electronics, Nuclear Reactor Dynamics, Electric Circuits...

白寶實 Bau-Shei Pei

🏠:ESS Building Room 313
☎:03-5715131 ext.42673
Specialty:Two Phase Flow and Boiling Heat Transfer, Reactor Engineering and Safety
Discipline:Nuclear Power Reactor Safety, Advanced Heat Transfer

薛燕婉 Yen-Wan Hsueh Liu

🏠:ESS Building Room 415
☎:03-5715131 ext.42669
Specialty:Reactor Physics, Medical Physics
Discipline:Reactor Physics II、Engineering Mathematics I

潘欽 Chin Pan
Distinguished Professor

🏠:ESS Building Room 507
☎:03-5715131 ext.34320
Specialty:Two-Phase Flow, Boiling Heat Transfer
Discipline:Heat Transfer, Two-Phase Flow & Boiling Heat Transfer

林唯耕 Wei-Keng Lin

🏠:ESS Building Room 517
☎:03-5715131 ext.42664
Specialty:Thermal and Fluids Systems, Two-Phase Flow
Discipline:Electronics Packages Cooling, Thermodynamics

林滄浪 Tsang-Lang Lin

🏠:ESS Building Room 508
☎:03-5715131 ext.42671
Specialty:Small-Angle Neutron and X-Ray Scattering, Neutron and X-Ray Reflectivity
Discipline:Modern Physics, Plasma Engingeering and Applications

王竹方 Chu-Fang Wang

🏠:BMES Building Room 321
☎:03-5715131 ext.34222
Specialty:Environmental Science, Air pollution
Discipline:Waste Management and Treatment, Assessment of Environmental Impact

周鳳英 Fong-In Chou

🏠:Isotope Building Room 106
☎:03-5715131 ext.42884
Specialty:Radiation Application, Ra...
Discipline:Radiation Biology, Fundamentals of Nu...


Chien-Ming Wu
Associate Professor

🏠:BMES Building Room 212
☎:03-5715131 ext.34327
Discipline:Optics, Fundamentals of Biophotonics, The Biotec...